Peter & Rachel Badgett

Peter & Rachel Badgett

On this blog you will enjoy the unique side of the Seattle Area – get to know neighborhoods better with unique finds, win prizes for finding us at a special event, or play some trivia to add to your knowledge of the area. Weekly updates!

So what do you know about Sleepless in Seattle, Bruce Lee, Green Tea, Chicken Shawarma….


5 Responses to WELCOME!

  1. Linda Wilson says:

    You two are so darling….love the blog….you should do a reality show…

  2. Justin Smiley says:

    Have you ever seen the Edith Macefield house in Ballard? It’s the house that the condos where built around after Edith refused to sell. Interesting. My grandmother grew up in Ballard. Always has been a favorite are of the city for me.

    • (from Rachel) Edith has a lot of spunk, I’d say. Thanks for the great tip – I’d love to see that place. Ballard is also one of my highlights for all it’s lefse eaters who settled there – including my immigrant relatives from Norway who were there for a time. (Now my Grandma lives in Wallingford, still at 95 years young.) I think I missed the Edith home because I was distracted by all the cute boutiques.

    • question: what makes it your favorite part? Perhaps there is something unique we can cover, do a post on, for ya.

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