Daphnes: A Drink as in Paris

Daphnes Edmonds, WA

Daphnes: Beer, Wine & Food. Edmonds, WA

I don’t know who is more inspiring at this local bar remiscent of a Parisian street cafe – Dez or Daphne. Obviously Daphne can brag by owning the name, and she does have a cool bike (among other things) but Dez is probably my favorite. (Sorry Daphne, I’ve only met you on the postcard and paper personality goes only so far with me.)

In a place where the hands of the clock above the door never move from 5:00, Dez is the bar tender, originally from Aussie-Land, whose alert banter and honest service became good enough reason to sit for a much longer spell than we’d planned – and that after passing by year after year – curiously looking in but often too busy to stop. We regret all the years we’ve let slip and not partaken.

Daphnes Edmonds, WA
Dez, the Aussie Bartender

In a room with high ceilings, soft lamp light, high backed corner benches, and curious nick nacks from another era, many regulars seem to arrive here to chat it up. They introduced themselves to us, the newcomers not familiar with strangers settling in with such ease. We quickly caught on and began lively exchanges while Dez brought samples of red wine for Peter to choose from. Forget the curvy wine goblets, we were served our own mini carafes to pour as needed into heavy bottomed glasses while sitting on red stools at the marble countertop.

Daphnes  Edmonds, WAThe door is often wide open, especially if the sun graces us with its presence, and the windows swung out while more patrons fill up the seats outside. On Friday and Saturday nights, people are pouring out into the street and as word has it, this is the highest producing bar in downtown Edmonds, it’s so popular. While having a few food items like salami, cheese, bread and nuts to accompany the alcohol, they set aside the fuss and get down to business with that comfy feel only favorite drinks and good company can provide in such an intimate space.

A local funeral home’s phone is listed next to the taxi driver’s – in case you’re confused about drinking while driving – and for Pete’s sake don’t honk the overized horn on the wall – slyly placed so you want to squeeze it until you find the warning written below. I’ll leave this as a mystery for you to discover, as well as why there is a barber chair and a weight scale kept on site. Have fun and say hello to Dez for me!

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Daphnes Hours of Operation: 7 days a week. 4 to Midnight.
415 1/2 Main Street, Edmonds, WA (right next to the Edmonds Theater)
(425) 776-6402

Peter & Rachel Badgett, Urban Properties

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1 Response to Daphnes: A Drink as in Paris

  1. Peter Badgett says:

    I love this place! I think this might be my favorite Edmonds hang out!

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